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Film and Photography Studio Available for Rent in DUMBO

Forgotten Works Studio is a unique photo and film studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn that rents for $400 per eight hour day and comes equipped with a variety of props, vintage furniture and sets. The studio is 1200 square feet with 16 ft ceilings and huge windows for daylight or strobe.

Rental includes access to a wide selection of sets, props and furniture. There are two carousel horses, mannequins, dress forms, old lamps, an antique couch and more. There is a rolling make up table with lights that can be moved any where in the studio. There is also a full size garment steamer and portable clothing racks. Seamless paper is available in any color by request for a small fee.

The studio is equipped with several 4’x8′ v-flat reflector panels, cinestands and superbooms, auto-poles, sands bags, extensions cords, clothing racks and more. Please contact the studio with rental inquiries and any questions! Pictures of the studio are included on the website listed below.
(716) 359-5957

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