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Daily Archives: February 13, 2017

Videographer Freelance Opportunity

Videographer Needed to film a joint 60th b-day party 80-90 people will be there as well as a live karaoke band, dancing, and catered food/drink. Looking for someone to record (including people singing) in a casual, non-intrusive manner, like a fly on the wall.  If the person


If you’re a filmmaker interested in partnering with an innovative newsroom focused on accurate, point-of-view narrative storytelling, the new Mother Jones documentary film residency may be perfect for you. This unique new program, supported by the Ford Foundation and Just Films, will give an emerging

Meet the Industry Experts: Media Panel

Dylan Coburn, Vice Media, Vice channels: Thump, the electronic music and culture channel, and Waypoint, Vice’s video gaming channel. Trevor James Irmler, Viacom, Black Entertainment Television. Andrew Wright, Nonesuch Records Daniel Martinez, Panavision RSVP: Meet the Industry Experts: Media Panel Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A City Is Not a Computer – Shannon Mattern

“What should a city optimize for?” Even in the age of peak Silicon Valley, that’s a hard question to take seriously. (Hecklers on Twitter had a few ideas, like “fish tacos” and “pez dispensers.”) 1 Look past the sarcasm, though, and you’ll find an ideology on the

Website developer needed – paid position

The project “Forging Social Contracts: States and Societies Building Peace” is seeking a skilled, innovative website developer to develop a website. The website will aim to cultivate a community of scholars, policy-makers and practitioners that are eager to engage on this topic and the ideas