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Audio Engineer Needed For Short Film

A short film titled “Do you Dance, Ms. Parker?”. We will be shooting at “The Rum House” (in Midtown Manhattan) needs an audio engineer, and the shoot day is March 6 from 430am-11am.
There are only two characters with dialogue, so it should be fairly simple. They wouldn’t have to do any editing or post production work at all. If you are interested in running audio please call Guy Mannick  (505) 795-9284 or email anytime.
The writings and imaginings of a modern day young man bring him to a 1920’s speakeasy where he finds himself infatuated with a woman- The quick witted, dark, and sexy Dorothy Parker. The two soon enter a dance of rhetoric which is mimicked by the choreography of the other patrons, creating a fantastical world which implores the young man to live in the real one.
Guy Mannick
Asst Director/Asst Choreographer

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