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Faculty Member Shannon Mattern Is Speaking At 4 Events


Faculty member Shannon Mattern was one of the invited speakers at Verge, the annual Parsons Transdisciplinary Design conference. She spoke about “Invisible Interfaces.” On March 3, she’ll be serving as a respondent at the GIDEST “Our Own Devices” workshop — held here at The New School — on the tools, prosthetics, and techniques of ethnography.

On March 7, she’ll be talking about temporal interfaces (shadows, sundials, watches, timelines, transit boards, DayTimers, time-management apps, etc.) as part of the “Designing Time” DESIS symposium, also here at The New School (66 W 12th #510). And on March 9 she’ll be presenting “Stacks, Platforms, Interfaces: A Field Guide to Information Spaces” at the Pratt School of Information, 144 W 14th St, Room 606.

All are welcome to attend.

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