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Yeh Ideology Is Looking For Creative Intern – Spring/Summer 2017

Creative Intern – Spring/Summer 2017
Yeh Ideology is a Talent Strategies and Recruitment firm specializing in Design and Innovation. The firm collaborates with F100 companies and top consultancies to define and develop creative capabilities within individuals and working teams. Yeh Ideology also helps organizations navigate talent challenges, and create strategies to attract, grow and retain the best creatives across various industries.
The company has specialized in creative recruitment and collaborated with great companies for the past 11+ years. Throughout its trajectory, Yeh Ideology has not only placed amazing talent, but has also made a lasting impact in the organizational culture of its clients as well as in the careers of the talented people they have worked with. In 2016, Yeh Ideology launched new exciting services to help its clients develop internal talent management capabilities and help professionals develop a strategy around their career path. Yeh IDeology now offers Career Strategy services to professionals that don’t just want to get to the next job but want to develop a laser focused Career Path Plan to cultivate a sustainable dream career that they love and is profitable.

Areas of responsibility

Talent Summit Volunteers
Yeh Ideology will be holding its annual Talent Summit on Thursday, March 16. This year includes a Career Strategies Workshop! The firm is looking for volunteers who can help socialize, videotape and photograph the event. It is also seeking people to support the team in general tasks while mingling with the creative community. By volunteering for the Talent Summit, you will gain free access to the firm’s Career Strategies Workshop, which is aimed at helping professionals map their career goals. Those interested will be interviewed by Yeh IDeology.

Research and Writing
Avid research and writing capabilities, create excellent communication material and develop exciting content related to latest trends in the creative industry and the best practices of talent management.

Creative Recruitment Research
Research work to support the Talent Strategists in their recruitment efforts. Knowledge of the design field and have a critical eye for outstanding talent. Our primary focus is on Design Research, Design Strategy, Industrial Design, Human Factors, UX and UI.

Social Media and Inbound Marketing
Work on social media presence across various platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter,
Facebook and Instagram. Have great research and writing skills along with a profound passion for the creative industry.

Visual Design
Design outstanding visual collateral material. Passionate about branding. Effectively
translate concepts into compelling infographics, images, videos, podcasts, and be proficient in the processes of designing and developing websites using Squarespace.

Yeh Ideology is constantly looking for passionate people to join its team of dedicated professionals.

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