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Student Film – Work Opportunity

Current MFA student Emilia Monell is working on a student film this semester and is looking for a Media Studies student to help with video.

Thw short film follows four friends as they spend a day in the North Woods of Central Park but unbeknownst to them, only three will end up leaving. It explores themes of identity and transformation, and plays with elements of surrealism.

The film will be shot over 3 days, starting on Monday April 3rd. The camera person needs to be available during the morning hours – shoots will start early.

The MFA team is happy to buy coffee for those morning start times and also is offering an exchange of services (the team is comprised of four writers, able to edit or help with any sort of writing project) as compensation.

For more details, please email Emilia at or call 561-248-1438.

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