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Join SMS Professor Margaret Bates for Ph.D Discussion This Sat. Apr. 22!

4th Annual Meeting on Interdisciplinary Studies / Cultural Studies Doctoral Workshop: Making Progress and Doing the Dissertation**

Teachers College, Columbia University

       When?: Saturday April 22nd, 2017

Where?: 306 Russell Hall (the Gottesman Library)

How much?: There is no registration fee for the workshop

By whom?: Co-sponsored by the Gottesman Libraries, the Department of Arts and Humanities, the Film & Education Research Academy, and the Interdisciplinary Studies in Education Program







Topics to be covered in this workshop include: Doctoral certification exams, How to compose the dissertation proposal, Interdisciplinary work, Studies in arts and humanities, Dissertations on social media & other high tech, Single or double advisors, Reviewing literatures, Educational relevance, Classroom research, Qualitative methods, How to reduce the expense of doctoral work, Masters theses, Employment, Career trajectories. Please feel free to bring along friends and colleagues.

10.00 Breakfast

10.30 Introduction: John Broughton

10.45 The View from Beyond: Post-Doctoral Careers: Margaret Bates, Cheri Ehrlich, Barbara Esgalhado, Nikolina Nedeljkov, Heather van Uxem Lewis,

11.45 Phew! Recently Completed Doctorates:  Ed Halisey, Robin Walker.

12.30 The Dissertation Proposal: Regina Casale, Kari Razdow

1.00 Lunch (provided, gratis)

1.15  In Media Res: Certification and Approaching the Proposal: Leif Bergerud, Victoria Bertotti, Nicole Blandford, Mary Lee Grisanti, Rob Maitra.

2.30   On the Horizon: Early Stages: Rory Arrato, Greg Bell, Elroy Esdaille, Kato La, Sophie Mackinnon

3.00   Discussion (and planning events for the Fall)

** This smaller happening replaces the annual grad student conference for this year, in accordance with the inclination of the plenary closing session at last year’s conference: that the workshops need to alternate larger events with smaller, content focused forums. The big conference will resume next AY.

Please RSVP (again) to this address for final adjustments to the catering and room size.




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