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Prof. Nitin Sawhney Presents New Project: OBJECT AMERICA


The Observational Practices Lab, Parsons, will launch a multi-phase project and investigation, OBJECT AMERICA, to explore the idea of “America” through objects, using experimental collaboration and comparative research (involving both students and professionals in various fields).  The project is led by Selena Kimball and Pascal Glissmann, while the initial phase in 17/18 will be a close collaboration with Margot Bouman and Nitin Sawhney. The aim is to expose unseen histories and speculate about the future of the country as concept. We will be working with New York City-based curators inside major museums that contain representative “American” artifacts and objects (such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art). In addition, we will be inviting a transdisciplinary group of expert researchers to investigate the chosen objects, observing them through their own disciplinary lenses. This series of observational methods—which may range from the scientific to the absurd—will be further explored in a UTNS workshop and public panel discussion in Fall of 2017, followed by a publication and exhibition in 2018/19.

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