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Seeking Summer Interns for Feature Film

A Kid Like Jake is a low budget feature to be shot this summer in Brooklyn starting June 19th, 2017.

The production team is looking for interns to start immediately who need college credit to help in the office, art and costume departments.  Please contact Julie Buck at immediately if interested.

Some additional information:

Director: Silas Howard
Producers: Jim Parsons, Todd Spiewak, Eric Norsoph
Actors: Jim Parsons, Clare Danes, Octavia Spencer

Premise: On the eve of the admissions cycle for New York City kindergartens, Alex and Greg Wheeler have high hopes for their son Jake, a bright and precocious four-year-old who happens to prefer Cinderella to GI Joe. Aware they can’t afford private school tuition, the director of Jake’s preschool encourages them to capitalize on Jake’s “gender variant” expression and use it to compete for a scholarship. After all, she argues, private schools are looking for diversity and in 2017 gender-bending is all the rage. But as the admissions process continues, Jake’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic and perplexing. As Alex and Greg struggle to navigate their roles as parents, a rift grows between them, one that forces them to confront their own unspoken fears about Jake and each other.

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