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SMS Faculty Member Sonja Bozic Collaborates on Transmedia Project “Teslafy.Me”


Sonja Bozic, as a transmedia concept developer, collaborated with director and producer Janja Glogavac, from Slovenia, on a transmedia project “Teslafy.Me” In March, the project was in Prague, the Czech Republic as part of Doc Tank – the three-day-workshop focused on documentary projects with transmedia and social engagement from all over the world. At Doc Tank, Bozic and Glogavac won the award for best transmedia project due to, according to the jury, “… its strong transmedia potential, combining a factual approach in the interactive documentary part, with a more poetical immersive exploration of the universe of Nikola Tesla in a VR component…”. The award was to participate in the Interactive Documentary Workshop (or ID W) in Nyon, Switzerland in April. The ID W is a project development programme for expanded documentaries. In addition to the recognition from the two programs, the project will be part of the third workshop: IF Lab in France in July.

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