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Student Work Highlight: Swan Song


Promotional image for Swan Song provided by I. Myakotin

This documentary project, by class of 2016 student, Igor Myakotin follows, Van, a 86-year-old carpenter from Brooklyn who dreams of sailing the world until he dies and swims with the fishes for eternity. The project was developed in the Documentary Studies Certificate program, culminating in the Documentary Projects course (NDOC 5001). Myakotin cites the mentorship of Program Director Deanna Kamiel as an essential part of the project’s success.

“The course and the instructor helped me to review and organize the footage of my short documentary, screen selects, rough cuts, and fine cuts in class [and] in front of the class which provided me with invaluable feedback that I used to make the best film I could.”

-Igor Myakotin, filmmaker


Swan Song is the final project developed by Ivan Myakotin, a 2016 Documentary Studies Certificate graduate. The film was screened at Fine Cuts and received a Special Recognition For Outstanding Documentary Filmmaking.


Promotional image for Swan Song provided by I. Myakotin

Promotional image for Swan Song provided by I. Myakotin

About the filmmaker:

Igor Myakotin is a filmmaker from the Russian Far East who searches for cinematic authenticity and character-driven stories. Born and raised at world’s end, he traveled 5000 miles telling stories through short documentaries and photographs: from Roma orphans to burials at sea and Atlantic whales. His work has been showcased at film festivals in Europe and the U.S. Igor graduated in 2015 with a B.A in Journalism and Mass Communication from the American University in Bulgaria and graduated in 2016 from the Documentary Studies Program at The New School in New York City.

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