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The Screen Vault seeking African American Filmmakers

The screen vault is a start up film company in DC that is currently looking to build a team of filmmaker some to create short films and features that will be told from the melanated perspective by melanated filmmakers.

Screen Vault needs passionate filmmakers who have a desire to sharpen their tools in their craft and create some art that will last long after we are gone. The only compensation that I can give now is lodging, credits in the film, food, and a great set experience.

Project: The film Widow Maker is the story of an 8 yr old girl and how she copes with and changes the course of domestic abuse in her household. ..

Crew needed:
DP (cinematographer)
SFX make up artist for a couple bruises and blood.

The goal is to put together a crew that can work on the next 3 films

Please write Originals,No Remakes in the tagline of the email so that it is not considered spam

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