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Student Work Highlight: Between the Tweets – Media Literacy for a New Era


Image credited to The Atlantic

Between the Tweets is a Capstone project created by Carlo Dellaverson, a member of the Media Management Class of 2017. Carlo received the annual Outstanding Capstone award for this project at the department graduation recognition ceremony. His award-winning thesis identifies a new approach to teaching media literacy education in America. You can find his Medium article on the topic here.

“In the Trump and Fake News era, media literacy is more important than ever. This is how we can teach children to be more discerning consumers of media, and thus better citizens.”

-Carlo Dellaversion, founder

The Media Management Capstone (NMDM 5940) is the final course required of all MS candidates for degree completion. The goal is for students to synthesize what they have learned in the program and design a project that will help to move them forward in their careers. Student-centered, the individually defined Capstone Projects align with specific competencies related to the student’s chosen professional interest. Students demonstrate their core management skills, subject knowledge, critical and creative thinking with their Capstone Projects and Presentations.


About the founder:

Carlo Dellaverson is an Emmy-winning journalist with a decade of experience in national newsrooms, producing news for television and the web. He graduated with a Master’s in Media Management from The New School in May 2017 with a 4.0 GPA and is currently working as a freelance content creator in New York City.


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