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Student Work Highlight: What’s Your Type? Texture Discrimination, Social Media, and Natural Hair


Background: This project was developed in the Media Studies Production track class, Audience Research (NMDS 5017), withPart-time Assistant Professor Lahuna Ganguly. In this class, MA student, Cynthia Francois developed a research proposal to further investigate wether social media, business marketing trends, or internalized racism are to blame for texture discrimination among the natural hair humanity. The purpose of the proposal is to investigate why a movement, meant to unite women, is not only being exploited but is also causing discrimination amongst an entire community. Overall, the purpose isn’t to find the kink, but to embrace it.


This is an excerpted slide from the presentation

“For each assignment, we were required to further investigate our research question, tweaking wherever was necessary. Through certain questions and intensive research, I was able to pinpoint an issue. During the duration of the course, my interest was not only piqued, but I also had a desire to inform others about it.”

-Cynthia Francois, MA Media Studies student


An excerpt from the final presentation

cynthia francois

Cynthia Francois is a Media Studies Graduate student at The New School


Cynthia Francois is a first year Media Studies graduate student. Before attending The New School, Cynthia spent her undergraduate years studying Journalism at Quinnipiac University. Currently, Cynthia is focused on production and also has an interest in digital media.


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