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Student Work Highlight: Die-O-Rama



Background: This work was developed in Writing and Directing Script to Screen (NMDS 5254) with the Media Studies Program Director Vlad Nikolic. Die-O-Rama is a treatment for a full length horror comedy based in the world of New York art schools. In addition to the treatment, two scenes have been directed and filmed from the script to capture the tone of the work. These include professional actors cast via Casting Networks. All of these have been screened and workshopped over the semester.

Vladan’s class helped the my project go from pitch and longline all the way to fully realized treatment along with two distinct scenes from the treatment filmed and directed by myself with help from peers and with knowledge gained in the class. The prompt given was to have a fully functional script or treatment ready to go by the end of the semester. These scripts were workshopped every couple of weeks, and scenes from the script (the first without dialogue, and the second with dialogue) were also screened and critiqued. In conjunction with this Vlad gave lectures on scripting and story techniques and everything from directing actors to editing principles, all paired with examples from film’s. The goal here was not to teach a certain technique but to highlight the techniques that would best help bring forth the creative vision the screenwriter and director had. -Thomas Bauer

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Thomas is from Atlanta, Georgia but spent most of his time before moving to New York in Athens, Georgia, deeply entrenched in the music and film scene there. There he worked tirelessly to create music videos and short films in collaboration with numerous artists around town, with videos he directed or editing landing in publications such as Flagpole Magazine, The Red and Black, Impose Magazine, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and Immersive Atlanta. He also launched a successful Kickstarter in 2014 to raise funds to record an album, which Flagpole called “The Best Kickstarter of All Time”, and culminated in appearances on NPR’s “It’s Friday”, a full length album, and a 30 minute Holiday themed special. Since moving to New York he has been focused on school work, and most recently worked as editor and assistant director on a short film entitled “War of the Dishes” that was recently screened at Ruff Cuts 2017.

Thomas’ reel can be seen here

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