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Student Work Highlight: Bitten



This work was developed in Writing and Directing: Script to Screen (NMDS 5254) with Media Studies Program Director Vlad Nikolic. Bitten is a story about a woman who is a victim of domestic violence and her struggle to find her inner strength to get her life back. She meets a homeless lady and hears her perspective of life and starts comparing to her own.


Writing and Directing: Script to Screen course helped me to develop my ideas into a shorter version of the story first I had. I had the opportunity to get feedback on what works best and what not, in order to tell a story in a condensed way. Topics on how to find actors, how to work with them, composition, editing, story building helped me to not only focus on written script, also focus on other issues, such as what we see on screen and why we see all of the information purposefully provided in one shot. It helped me to understand how to build a character and how to work with story by showing it instead of telling everything on screen.  The first scene of this project is developed to show not tell to audience, which I actually liked the most working on. I think showing instead of telling is a genius way to tell stories. Of course there should be dialog, but this course and its challenges helped me to find my strengths and understand where to implement them in story. – Rose Ozkan


Rose Ozkan is focusing on Digital Cinema within the Media Studies MA degree program. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. She is currently focusing on her education. View additional examples of her work here and here.

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