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Student Work Highlight: Captain America Comics Data Visualization

kelseyBackground: This project was developed in Transforming Data (NMDS 5517) with part time faculty Jonathan Thirkield by Kelsie Potter. The project is a visualization of Captain American comic book sales coded in p5.js, and includes an interactive timeline of comic book volumes. When the volumes are clicked, the title of the volume and the sales of the comic issues are represented in a radial chart that looks like Captain America’s shield. The shield changes according to the sales of each volume, with colors randomly generated.

The individual assignments in the course increased my knowledge of coding. Before the course, I didn’t understand javascript at all. By the end, the assignments and the professor’s direction helped me to design and code the project from scratch. It also allowed me to explore my individual interests. – Kelsie Potter

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 3.59.22 PMKelsie Potter is a current MA in Media Studies student who is interested in data visualization, digital media, and interactive advertising. She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2016 with a dual-major in English and Integrated Strategic Communication. This summer, she will be interning in marketing at Harper Collins, and was formerly an editorial intern for Netted at The Webby Awards.


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