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Choreographer Mariana Taragano Seeks Video Artists and Editors for Upcoming Dance Project


Movement artist Mariana Taragano is looking for filmmakers, videographers, and editors to collaborate on a short movement-based film dealing with segregation and physical separation due to racism and nationalism: NO WALLS.

NO WALLS wishes to communicate that despite statements and policies that have been passed through by world leaders around the globe, there is a big part of humanity interested in knowing the other, communicating with the other and in some cases uniting with the other in order to create a new entity that is built of diverse cultures, nationalities and religions. A big part of us believes that collaborating and understanding other worlds makes us stronger, not weaker.

One of the main reasons Art is crucial in a society is that through art a mirror is placed in front of the public. Arts have the power to show the reality in clear, non-compromising forms and to give voice to those who lack one or those who do not know how to make their voice heard.

If you too feel the need to send a message of tolerance, acceptance and love due to the current global political and social environment we would love to hear from you. This is an opportunity to use your art to express your views.

WHEN? Saturday July 30th

WHAT? A workshop, followed by a creation process, after which we will film the collaborative creation that will be made into a short film.

You will get a chance to experience Mariana Taragano’s work process and be considered for future project as well as receive videos and photos of the day.


HOW? Please send an e-mail expressing your interest and your CV to


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