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Contemporary Latin American Cinema Series

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Premiering Contemporary Latin American Cinema

Third Season:
July 20, August 17 & September 28
Anthology Film Archives

New York City, despite its status as a world capital of cinema, regularly misses out on screenings of many key international films. Though the exhibition of Latin American cinema in the city has drastically increased over the past decade, a considerable number of influential movies from the region still fail to premiere locally.

Anthology Film Archives and Cinema Tropical have partnered to create a new and exciting series of monthly screenings featuring remarkable Latin American films making their local premiere. Far from minor works, the films included here are by some of the region’s most important filmmakers, have garnered major awards at international festivals, and provide an important window into the often overlooked world of Latin American cinema.

Co-presented by Anthology Film Archives and Cinema Tropical.
Programmed by Matías Piñeiro and Carlos A. Gutiérrez.
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