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Student Work Highlight: Miss New York

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Miss New York is a web series about two Scandinavian girls spending the summer in New York. The series tackles subjects such as love, sex, friendship, and becoming an adult. A major part of the series is that the characters are very active and present on social media throughout the season. It was originally developed by Linamaria Hagström in Vinay Chowdhry’s Producing Webisodes and further expanded through the Management Capstone (NMDM 5940) course during her last semester in the program.

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Producing Webisodes helped me to create the series in terms of how to make good content and how to create a good story line. The capstone course helped me to create a business plan around the web series and how to make it financially a lucrative project. – Linamaria Hagström

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Linamaria is a 2017 Media Management graduate. Before her time at The New School, Lina worked in communication and project management within the fashion and food industries and with copywriting and branding in Denmark and Finland. She has also published numerous articles on different digital platforms. During her Master’s at The New School, she specialized in digital filmmaking and video production. She plans to continue working on this series after finishing her degree. Miss New York Website – Lina’s Personal Website



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