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Student Work Highlight: Smile


This project was developed during Ramu Dhara’s Media Design (NMDS 5008) course, which until that point had been Alyssa Aquino’s first creative class. The goal was to make the presentation somber, while in some way hopeful. In the end, she prefers audiences to make their own conclusions. It is a photo essay created with the intention of contributing to mental illness awareness.



This project was the result of my final assignment, a photo essay. All the photos were taken with my iPhone 6S and were edited to black and white. The course familiarized me with editing tools such as Photoshop, which allowed me to be more fluent with my creative process. – Alyssa Aquino


Alyssa Aquino is a lawyer who transitioned to media. She worked with the Dominican Republic Film Commission for almost four years and is now a student in the MA in Media Studies program. She has an interdisciplinary approach from Financial Law and Regulation to how Global Media Industries work.



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