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Student Work Highlight: Sidewalking

option1sidewalkingSidewalking is an intimate and relatable journey that takes a look at sidewalks as spaces where people connect to the world through the eyes of anonymity created by TNS Alum Maria Gabriela Torres. This film is the director’s personal reflection on how a simple daily element in any city of the world can be so much more than the cement that holds our bodies when we put one foot in front of the other. The film was screened on the second night of Truth Be Told Film Festival, which every year showcases the work of the Documentary Studies Graduate Certificate students. They dedicate all their efforts from the very beginning of the program to create a solid documentary film project.


The program’s approach to documentary filmmaking from the historic point of view, aiming to show the student a vast amount of goals to accomplish as a documentarian, meant a lot in my way towards understanding / the thought process that leads a filmmaker to undertake the responsibility of choosing the right way to tell a story that builds up from zooming into reality and taking life as the main input of the film. – Maria Gabriela Torres



Maria Gabriela Torres is an outspoken and creative journalist who found her passion for moving images through photography. While living and working in Colombia as a producer for an international news channel, she decided to switch from the TV industry to documentary filmmaking in her search for a way tell stories that respond to more than the usual journalism questions of what, when and how. She completed the Certificate in Documentary Studies in May 2017.


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