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4 research-related positions are available with Prof. Sumita Chakravarty for graduate students in Media Studies. Please see below for details.


Position # 1: RA (5 hrs/wk @ $ 18.40 an hr for 30 weeks)

Duties: overall management of migration website (; updating of news archive; data visualization; design strategies; outreach and planning.

Skills needed: Advanced knowledge of WordPress; advanced research skills; interest in, or familiarity with, migration-related issues.


Position # 2: RA (4 hrs/wk @ $ 18.40 an hr for 30 weeks)

Duties: related to migration project/website: blogging; updating and analyzing datasets; doing media research.

Skills needed: excellent writing skills; video or audio production skills preferred; knowledge of Spanish or French a plus.


Position # 3: Course assistant (Fall 2017 only; upto 8 hrs/wk @ $13.00 an hr for 16 weeks)

Duties: assist the professor in her online hybrid course, Mapping Migration offered via Canvas. This will involve taking notes on readings, following up on references, compiling lists of new sources, research, etc.

Skills needed: Strong reading and conceptual skills; some familiarity with analytical methods; ability to assist in visualizations.


Position # 4: Project Assistant for SMS online journal Immediacy (upto 10 hrs/wk @ $ 15.00 an hr for 30 weeks)

Duties: Work on all aspects of a new issue of the journal, from start to completion (see

Skills needed: website design; basic coding; excellent research and writing skills; knowledge of the fundamentals of media history and theory.

Qualifications for all the positions:

Applicants must have a GPA of 3.8 or higher, strong research, writing and technical skills, familiarity with online and social media platforms, strong work ethic, ability to work independently and conscientiously; respect for deadlines.
Applicants must be students at the New School through 2017-18 and preferably past their first semester in the program. Once hired, the student is expected to set aside a specific day of the week for the project. Course assistant and project assistant fill out timesheets each week as required by HR.

Please send an email indicating interest along with CV and portfolio to Sumita Chakravarty, Associate Professor, School of Media Studies:

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