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Student Work Highlight: The Multicultural Oatmeal

pfi_11208_3People who arrive in the United States face many shocks when it comes to cultural differences. The food tastes awful. There’s a gap in relations between young and old. Even people who look similar to these immigrants—same skin color, same hair, living in the same community— have a wildly different culture. And in some cases, they’re antagonistic about it. Two Africans—one from the Ivory Coast and the other from Senegal—meet these challenges with a certain amount of confusion and clarity as the years pass. Created by Dayiri Dogoni in Professor Joan Schuman’s Radio Experiments (NMDS 5563) course, students sharpened their storytelling skills through sound.


For this assignment, we were required to choose a theme/story to be developed through the semester. This project was split into three parts and a final project. Each week, we explored a style/type of storytelling. This variety of study was very helpful in producing and editing my story. Also, class critiques and suggestions from Joan were very helpful during the production process. For someone who has zero knowledge in radio production, I’ll say this course has helped me develop some new skills not only in production but storytelling too. The editing part was the most challenging, but fun. I’ve definitely developed skills I did not know I had. – Dayiri Dogoni


Dayiri Dogoni just completed her first in the MS in Media Management program. Prior to attending the New School, she earned a Bachelor of Art in Digital Design and Illustration from New Jersey City University. Dayiri is currently focusing on art and production while trying to see how she can apply it to her design work.

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