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CFE: Experiments in Cinema v13.6

Basement Films’ annual international film festival is proud to announce our call for submissions for Experiments in Cinema v13.6 (April 10-14, 2018). Experiments in Cinema seeks new and old work that moves beyond traditional narrative, experimental, and documentary forms.

We are interested in cinema that “steps on toes”, questions authority, complicates traditions, experiments with form and content, and provides us with a view into the world that we have never seen before—challenge us (if you dare)!

We are also interested in expanded cinema projects however, please provide us with quality documentation of those expanded cinema projects so we have a clear understanding of your work.

The festival supports Super 8, Regular 8, 16mm, 35mm and, high resolution digital file (Quicktime, AVI, any non-proprietary codec)

EIC accepts works produced from any year, century or alternative dimension.

Individual entries are $25 each. If an artist submits 3 or more works, the entry fee is reduced to $20 per entry. We prefer payment via Paypal, but will accept checks or money orders payable in U.S. funds.

Artists submitting from outside the United States and artists whose work we have accepted to previous festivals are NOT required to pay an entry fee.

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