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Global Youth Media

NINT: 5302
Wednesday6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.   Fall Semester 2017
Peter Lucas 

Course Description:

In this seminar, students will study the international youth media movement and its relationship to human rights, peace education, the ethics of care, and transformative critical pedagogy. We will also examine participatory media platforms from an activist perspective and through the politics of representation. Closely related is the emergence of participatory platforms such as indigenous media, digital inclusion, visual inclusion projects, citizen journalism, community radio, and the trickle down of these movements into youth media.

Throughout the course, we will take a holistic view of youth media because many young people today are blurring the lines between image production, text, and sound design. We will consider video production, photography, youth journalism, radio reporting, and other interactive forms of new media, especially those that bridge different cultural spaces.

The course is intended for students who are interested in designing and running youth media / participatory media projects. We will also study how one packages youth media through online environments that include, progressive outreach, networking strategies, social action plans, and human rights education. Finally, the course is extremely relevant for those who want to work as popular human rights educators with NGOs.

Images from Peter Lucas’ book: Viva Favela: Photojournalism, Visual Inclusion, and Human Rights in Brazil.


Peter Lucas focuses on human rights with an emphasis on participatory media, documentary practice, photography, the poetics of witnessing, human rights education, and youth media.  He also directs the GPIA International Field Program for Brazil.  As a filmmaker he has directed and produced several documentary films and recently, he was the creative producer for Hooligan Sparrow, short-listed for the Oscars for feature documentary film in 2017.

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