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Research and Outreach Internship

Opportunity for a smart, enthusiastic, organized student.
For several years I have been working on a feature documentary that is now going into its last stages.  I’m looking for a student who can help do research on individuals or groups that will have interest in this and then to reach out to them via social media.  Other tasks include keeping our FB page organized and up to date as well as a few other chores.  THIS INDIVIDUAL DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A FILM STUDENT. If it is a film student there will be a few film-related things to do.  S/he should have a complete command of English – both spoken and written.
The reason I think it is a good opportunity is because the film itself touches on many aspects that appeal to students these days:  social change, civil rights, Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan, poetry, music.
Ideally I would prefer if a student could do this for credit as an Independent study…..but if not, a small hourly stipend could be paid to the right person.
Contact with resume and or/reel to apply

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