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PA needed on short film

Create-A-Vision LLC presents Vilified Banker, a short SAG film.
Participants are not obligated to do all days. Participants may select one or more days whichever is most convenient to their schedule.
Dates of filming:
Sunday           September 3rd 2017
Wednesday   September 13th 2017
Thursday       September 16th 2017
Tuesday         September 26th 2017
What we are looking for:
We are currently looking for a few PAs to assist on set. Tasks will include doing camera op, boom op (Audio), slate op, marker, pick-up, transpo, script supervisor, op move.
The PAs will be provided a task based on what is needed for that specific scene.
Rate: Unpaid.
Keep in mind it provides the opportunity showcase your strengths and grow in your talents, all while expanding your network. So come be awesome with us!
For more information or questions feel free to contact me.
Contact info
Diniece Howell


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