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This year, The New School is inviting faculty, staff, and students to participate in a “curriculum disruption,” stopping business as usual this October 12–18 to discuss the upcoming 400th anniversary of the first landing of Africans in Jamestown, which marked the beginning of chattel slavery in the United States. This curriculum disruption will allow us to take time to consider our history so that we are better prepared to change the situation we are in now. The title of this disruption is  “<3/5’s: Inequality Is Making Us Weak.”

Please help us!

We need a poster that will invite the university community to this crucial conversation. Our message is that this conversation about ending inequality needs to go live across the university, in the streets, in the classroom, in the cafeteria — everywhere.

Poster dimensions are 11×17. In addition to sharing our message, your entry must include the following items:

·       Date: October 12–18

·       Issue: Invitation to join the curriculum disruption

·       Contact information for project:

·       Website:

·       Our logo (see our website)

Please print your entry and drop it off at Milano, 72 Fifth Avenue, room 624, attention: Mindy Fullilove. The deadline for submitting entries is September 18.

There is a prize of $250 for the student submitting the best poster, which will be reproduced and posted all over campus and on our website.

Thanks for considering this request. Please pass it along to people who might be interested.

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