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The 2017 International Field Program & United Nations Summer Study Conference

unnamed-5The 2017 International Field Program & United Nations Summer Study Conference 

Information Session

Friday, September 15th
12:30pm – 6:00pm
Kellen Auditorium
University Center, 66 Fifth Avenue

1:00pm – Balkans

The Balkans IFP traced the physical, political, legal, social and human terrain of the refugee ‘crisis’ unfolding along the Balkan route. As students traveled across Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia, they engaged with histories of empires and their collapse, ancient and more recent migration flows, and the cultural sediment they have left behind. Student projects in Greece and Serbia focused on the new legal and institutional frameworks that have been added to these historic layers of human interactions. In addition, these broader historic and regional studies were supplemented by individual internships in Lesbos, Serbia and Kosovo, which engaged with local post-crisis developments.

2:00pm – Brazil

Students worked on four media projects, such as a web doc on The Olympics: One Year Later, both the pros and cons of this legacy. They rebuilt a new website for the famed Theatre of the Oppressed and contributed several short films; partnered with Projecto Morrinho constructing a new website for their 20th anniversary; and students completed a new video web series with them. Finally, students shot a feature-length documentary film on Campo de Santana, one of the oldest urban parks in Rio and one that is steeped in issues surrounding human rights in public space.

3:00pm – UN Summer Study

The program studied the place of the United Nations in world order through a review of scholarship and practical engagement. Colloquia with UN staff and scholars provided insider perspectives and raised critiques of the performance of the organization. Selected students also participated in practicums with organizations such as UN Women, UNDP, and Slum Dwellers International.

4:00pm – Cuba

What is the meaning and direction of ‘democracy’ today? What happens once social rights and benefits are no longer taken as given but become uncertain question marks in themselves? These questions, which are inflaming the US, are also being asked in the reformulation of Cuban socialism. The Havana-based 2017 Cuba IFP explored the changing scenarios of race, economic insecurity, environmental risk, gender, political transformation, and Cuba-US relations.

5:00pm – South Africa

South Africa’s IFP students will present the results of their collaboration with Slum Dwellers International and the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town: 1) the SDI Annual Report with focus on Resilience in informal settlements and 2) Two ACC Case-Study portfolios for the Integration Syndicate (IS), which is a project aimed at tackling the spatial planning legacies of apartheid in Cape Town and rethinking drivers of spatial injustice,
“real-world ideas” and urban innovation.

Please plan to join us at our
2018 IFP/UNSS Roll-Out
where we will announce our 2018 sites and application and selection process.
Friday, October 6th, 2017
in UL105 63 Fifth Avenue

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