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CFE: Filmaka Horror Film Contest

Filmaka is a digital platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents, compete for opportunities and build their careers.

The first contest of our new season has just posted. We have 12 of these competitions per year and the top 3 winners from each monthly contest are entered into the pool of film makers who compete once more to make a feature film with us.

The platform is an alternative for talent who don’t have access to the film industry through traditional avenues. Films that are submitted to the competition are seen, judged and democratically selected by a jury of top tier professionals in the entertainment industry-and by fellow members. At Filmaka, aspiring filmmakers from across the world can connect, collaborate, and compete for a wide range of professional opportunities. If you have the time, please visit us at where you can see films from past competitions including the winners of the Snickers, Ford Mustang, and Direct TV competitions.

Now accepting entries for Filmaka’s first contest of the new season:


    • Enter your short and win the chance to make a feature length film.
    • Be one of thirteen finalists who will be judged by our jury of esteemed professionals.
  • Win a cash prize as one of the three winning shorts that will be entered in the final round.

We are looking for 3-5 min. horror films that can stand alone and can be expanded into a short film horror franchise. We want unforgettable creepy, frightening characters who keep us up at night. Like the demon Jodie the Pig in Amityville Horror, Freddy Krueger, Carrie, and Jason, we want terrifying villains that will haunt us long after the film has ended and we have gone to bed.

Details below:

  • You have one month to submit a short film in the horror genre with the theme: THE INVITATION
  • 13 films will be selected and sent to the Jury: 3 films by Filmaka executives, 6 films by participants in the competition, ,
  • 2 films by non-competing members, and 2 films by popular vote.

Out of the 13 films selected, Filmaka’s jury will select three winners who will automatically qualify to entered in Filmaka’s annual feature film competition and will win a cash prize:

First place: $2500
Second place: $1500
Third place: $750

The monthly competition begins on September 4, 2017.
The deadline for submissions is October 2, 2017.


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