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Immediacy Proposals for 2018

Immediacy, the Media Studies online journal, is currently accepting proposals for our 2018 issue entitled “Regarding Borders.”

Please send a title and short description of your proposed project or essay (250 words) by October 20, 2017 to

Completed projects will be due Feb 28, 2018.


The issue of borders has emerged as one of the most pressing in our time. Should people be allowed to cross national borders, and if so, which people and under what circumstances? What can be done about border patrol and border enforcement? How do societies control the violence that erupts at borders with increasing frequency?

A rift seems to have emerged between the ease with which information and images cross borders in the age of the internet and the difficulties actual bodies can face in moving across borders.

Borders are as old as the establishment of human societies, forming the very basis of social identity and ethnic differentiation, according to historians. As such, borders function as powerfully metaphorically as they do concretely. Moreover, today borders are as much technological, protocological, and administrative zones as they are architectural constructions.

The implications of these developments need to be explored. Is it possible to create new thinking, visual and conceptual, material and mediated, about borders?

The 2018 issue of Immediacy invites students to explore this charged topic in analytical, imaginative, and experimental terms. We invite submissions in diverse formats and employing a wide range of research methodologies. Both critical and creative projects are welcome. Topics include, but are not restricted to:

Architecture of borders

Border art

Borders and social identity

Borders and maps

Philosophy of borders

Cinematic borders

Frontier hypotheses

Racialized borders

Borders and privacy

Border analytics

Crossing borders

Border narratives

Beyond borders

Borders in social media

Fashion-ing (non) borders

Sports and boundaries

Borders in videogames

Border soundscapes

Borders and interactivity


Starting this year, we are also open to accepting high-quality work that may not be related to the issue theme, but is innovative in approach or content. If you have a completed project that you are particularly proud of, please send it to us for consideration.


For more information, please contact:

Sumita Chakravarty, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, School of Media Studies

The New School

79 Fifth Avenue, 16th floor

New York, NY 10003


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