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MA Media Studies Alumna Diana Khong Showcases Her Work In Saint Petersburg With Parsons Alumni

MA Media Studies Alumna Diana Khong, alongside Parsons Photography Program alumni Fan Chen, Therese Ohrvall, Jessica Richmond,  and Communication Design student Whitney Badge showcase their work in the Saint Petersburg exhibition The Threads That Bind. The exhibition was curated by Photography faculty member Thomas Werner and it is on view through October 22nd in the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg Poterna Exhibition Hall. The work for the exhibition was created during a 10 day grant funded visit to Saint Petersburg to create work focusing on seven local museums.Travel and production were funded in their entirety by BFA Photography  faculty member Thomas Werner.



Pictured: Fan ChenDiana KhongTessi Öhrvall,  Jess Richmond and Thomas Werner with their Russian  colleague and guide Anastasia Rozhkova

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