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Seeking Producer for Dance Film Series Proof of Concept

Seeking Producer for Dance Film Series Proof of Concept


Justin Kamiel is a dancer/emerging dance filmmaker starting a dance film series called Spaces + Lines (narrative/drama/dark comedy).
Current Description: A stubborn Black artist receives gratifying entrepreneurial spankings, as she is repeatedly sucked into her tormented past, forced to fall endlessly while watching the utopian future she could create.
Justin is looking for a producer to collaborate with on a no/low budget proof of concept / pilot episode (5min) to be completed by end of year (to use to seek funding & resources for the series) and hopefully for the full series as well. This opportunity is unpaid unless the producer raises funds for the project.

The motivation behind the series is the intense psychological/emotional journey Justina has been forced to take just by pursuing dance/entrepreneurship and the lack of series she sees that are not primarily about relationships/sex/BRUNCH but about the solo grind that we millennials (esp. of color) are going through to create our own businesses, organizations, and art. She wants to contribute anything that will make us feel less alone in the process and catalyze us to go beyond what is stopping us to take *new* actions to create the life/world we want.

If you are interested or want further details, contact Justina Grayman at by Wednesday, October 11.

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