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SMS Faculty Shannon Mattern joins Triple Canopy panel to discuss new book “Poetic Computation: Reader

Assosiciate Professor of the School of Media Studies Shannon Mattern will be joining Triple Canopy’s Molly Kleiman, designers HAWRAF, and Taeyoon Choi, founder of the School for Poetic Computation, at Printed Matter on Friday, October 13, 6pm, for a discussion celebrating the launch of Choi’s new experimental book, Poetic Computation: Reader.

Poetic Computation: Reader is an online-book by Taeyoon Choi that discusses code as a form of poetry and aesthetic while raising ethical questions associated with it. The book is based on Choi’s lectures at the School for Poetic Computation, an independent school he co-founded in New York City. The first two chapters will be published in September 2017, with the following chapters to be published over the year. Designed by HAWRAF, Poetic Computation: Reader presents new possibilities for enhanced accessibility and legibility in web browsers.

HAWRAF is a (relatively) new design studio founded by Andrew Herzog, Carly Ayres, Pedro Sanches, and Nicky Tesla. They are designers, writers, strategists, and creative technologists. Their work deals with creative accessibility, communication, and interaction— experimenting across a range of mediums and disciplines.

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