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New Resource for Graduate Students: Curricular Pathways in Impact Entrepreneurship

New Resource for Graduate Students! Curricular Pathways in Impact Entrepreneurship

The Impact Entrepreneurship Team has developed a new Curricular Pathways resource to help master’s students navigate the many courses related to social innovation and entrepreneurship at The New School.

This web page is designed for graduate students in any degree program at The New School who wish to use their elective credits to focus on social innovation and entrepreneurship. It is our hope the information provided here will help students choose from the many curricular offerings related to social innovation and entrepreneurship across the university.

We view entrepreneurship as a journey that involves various types of learning at different stages. Depending on your individual background, experience, and goals, as well as the degree program in which you are enrolled, we expect each student will have different needs.

As you prepare to register for Spring 2018 courses, we hope the Curricular Pathways resource will serve as a helpful tool. As you explore this page, you’ll see that we have identified relevant courses in four thematic areas: Innovation, Management, Leadership, and Impact.

For more information about the Impact Entrepreneurship Initiative, including the Venture Lab and Graduate Fellowship, please visit the IEI website. Feel free to contact with any questions.

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