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Media Studies Alumnus Diego R. Montiel’s Upcoming Exhibition in NYC

MA Media Studies Alumnus Diego R. Montiel is presenting his award-winning exhibition “The Typing Machine” at El Barrio Artspace PS109, in East Harlem, starting this Wednesday.

“The Typing Machine”

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Previous exhibition

Opening on Wednesday November 15, 2017 from 6 to 9 pm.

Until November 26, 2017

Location: El Barrio Artspace PS109 / 215 E 99th St, New York


About the exhibit:

What would tweets or Facebook posts have looked like in the 50s? That is the question asked by El Barrio Artspace, presenting Diego R. Montiel’s award-winning exhibition The Typing Machine opening next Wednesday, November 15th at 6 pm. This 2017 Mixed Messages feature exhibition combines more than 150 messages written by random participants on a vintage 1950s Erika typewriter in different locations throughout New York City. The visitor is able to explore the framed messages to discover the connection between them: their similarities in values, feelings, hopes, and fears regardless of their race, age, gender, or cultural background. The outcome evokes the idea of social media posts in a completely mechanical media of ink and carbon paper. The attendees are also invited to participate by typing their own message to be part of this growing project. By using an instrument with which we are now unfamiliar, The Typing Machine makes the participant aware of the act of writing itself, creating a more in-depth and memorable experience. In addition, different episodes created with images of the anonymous participants and their messages will be screened during the opening.

About Diego:

Diego R. Montiel moved to New York from his hometown of Málaga, Spain to experiment with the possibilities of storytelling across media. He started The Typing Machine three years ago to explore the importance of the media in the process of self-expression in a society immersed in the digital era. The Typing Machine was met with critical acclaim at its December 2016 New York solo exhibition debut, in addition to its exhibitions at FIGMENT Project, Dawn of Summer, and Mixed Messages. Montiel has also collaborated in other immersive installations including Watching You and The Temperament of Space Yonkers.

About El Barrio Artspace PS109:
El Barrio Artspace PS109 is a community-driven project which has transformed an abandoned public school building in East Harlem into an arts facility with 89 units of affordable live/work housing for artists and their families and 10,000 square feet of complementary space for arts organizations.

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