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Faculty Member Shannon Mattern Named MOBIUS Fellow @ Finnish Cultural Institute

Faculty Member Shannon Mattern and her colleague Jussi Parikka, from the University of Southampton, were named MOBIUS Fellows at the Finnish Cultural Institute. They’ll be organizing a series of events, between New York and Helsinki, and an exhibition related to the opening of the new Helsinki Public Library.
“The upcoming MOBIUS project of professor Jussi Parikka and Dr. Shannon Mattern, both internationally established media scholars, works through artistic methods and critical theoretical input on the question of ecology in the context of libraries: What are the various ecologies—environmental, cultural, technical, political, and so forth—within which the library functions, and from which it draws its materials and energies? How can we understand technological change of culture, for example questions of artificial intelligence, through cultural institutions such as libraries? The project is commissioned and coordinated by FCINY together with Parikka and Mattern who will invite a range of young artists to develop new work that addresses these issues of library ecologies. The invited artists are from the United States and Finland. Representing different fields of artistic knowledge production and methodological expertise, the project itself becomes a multimodal testing bed—an experimental ecology—for transdisciplinarity. Parikka and Mattern’s project will manifest in Helsinki in late 2018. An accompanying one-day event will be organized in New York in early 2019.” – (Finish Cultural Institute in New York

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