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Doc Talks With Filmmaker J. P. Sniadecki

Everyday life in the People’s Republic of China has been a central focus of anthropologist and filmmaker J. P. Sniadecki, a longtime affiliate of Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab, active in both the United States and China. A prolific, formally innovative documentarian and experimentalist, Sniadecki has created what Film Comment calls ‘a cinema of transition’, tracing the path of postindustrial transformation in the U.S. with Foreign Parts (2010, co-directed with Verena Paravel), and in China with Sichuan Triptych (2010), People’s Park (2012) and The Iron Ministry (2014).

For Doc Talks, Sniadecki will present a non-fiction double bill. Chaiqian/Demolition (2010) takes place at a demolition site in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province in western China, and chronicles the work of migrant laborers, China’s ‘floating population’.  Yumen (2013), shot in 16mm in collaboration with Chinese filmmakers Xu Ruotao and Huang Xiang, explores the ghost town of Yumen, once a booming oil town in northwest China, now a crumbling landscape inhabited by restless youth and wandering artists.

 When: Monday, December 4 at 12.30 PM

Where: Kellen Auditorium, Ground Floor, 66 Fifth Avenue

This event is open to all.

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