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Skill-building for Social Justice: El Puente’s Community-Building Framework

Skill-building for Social Justice:
El Puente’s Transformative Community Building Framework

Friday, December 1, 2017   2:00-5:00pm
El Puente, 211 South 4th Street, Brooklyn NY
NOTE: We will leave as a group from 65 West 11th Street at 1:15pm.
Food is provided!

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Lang CESJ enthusiastically invites you to a special training with El Puente, a 35-year-old community human rights institution in Southside Williamsburg that promotes intergenerational leadership for peace and justice through the arts, education, scientific research, wellness, and environmental action.

Participants will explore El Puente’s Transformative Community Building Frameworkand will walk away with clear methodology and ideas for acting on their own vision based on the needs and desires of their organization and/or community. Attendees will learn about this methodology through some of El Puente’s core issues and approaches: intergenerational relationship building, environmental justice and sustainability, creative/cultural organizing, and gentrification in New York City. 

There will also be the opportunity to see El Puente’s methods in action via short visits to community sites, and a special chance to connect and speak with El Puente’s co-founder, Frances Lucerna.

Learn more about El Puente and its history of mobilizing generations of people in Brooklyn: 
VIDEO: ¡El Puente Presente!
VIDEO: Earthkeeping, about El Puente’s campaign to close a radioactive-waste plant in Southside Williamsburg
VIDEO: ART-IVATE in Action, about El Puente’s use of arts/creativity to mobilize change

This workshop is part of Lang CESJ Skill-building for Social Justice series, which partners with social justice organizations and activists across New York City to introduce New School community members to frameworks, methodologies, and practices they can implement in their own lives.

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