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Data & Society Fellows Program Now Open

Data & Society is now accepting applications for it’s 2018-2019 Fellows Program.


Data & Society is assembling its fifth class of fellows  from September 1, 2018. (Please meet the current and past fellows classes here.) Data & Society works towards a future in which the values that shape technology are visible and intentionally chosen with respect for human dignity. They conduct interdisciplinary research and build a field of actors to ensure that knowledge guides development and governance of technology. Their annual fellows program helps ensure that new connections and perspectives deepen and expand our community’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities society faces in a data-centric world.

Data & Society fellows have pursued academic research, written code, created art, brought together communities of activists and practice, run workshops, worked closely with Data & Society’s in-house research team and each other, and much more. Current and past fellows are academics and researchers, artists and activists, coders and technologists, journalists, lawyers, and community organizers concerned with the implications of data-centric technology’s role in reconfiguring society. Data & Society is engaged, individually and together, in interrogating and articulating those implications and developing frames that can help society address emergent tensions.

2018-19 Fellowships

For the coming year, Data & Society is seeking 8-10 fellows across four categories:

  • Arts and Culture: Artistic and cultural production can advance public understanding of the complexities of data-centric technologies and can drive individual and collective imagining of multiple futures.  Arts and culture fellows who will connect to Data & Society research topics and whose work challenges commonplace narratives running through debate and public discourse around technology.
  • Organizational Bridging: Fellows from other organizations, companies, or public sector entities who are grappling directly with questions around data-centric technologies and automation bring a crucial, practical frame to Data & Society’s work. Bridge fellows will come with a mandate from their organization to explore a particular question or issue during their time at Data & Society and to bring that knowledge back to their home institution. Seeking to build a strong relationship over the course of the fellowship between Data & Society and the fellow’s home institution. Especially interested in applicants who play a legal or policy role in their home institution.
  • Computer and Data Science: Technical fellows at Data & Society bring a core research question to their time within the organization; they are also looking to explore the social, cultural and political implications of technological choices. Technical fellows may come from academia, industry, civil society, or the public sector. Expecting that technical fellows will have an advanced degree in computer or data science or equivalent, relevant experience.
  • Faculty Fellows: Faculty fellows whose Data & Society fellowship project will contribute to an existing, in-house research initiative. In this category, they invite applications from faculty of any rank who are at least three years beyond receipt of their Ph.D. by the start of the fellowship. Eligible fields include the social sciences (anthropology, sociology, political economy, science and technology studies, history, etc.); law, jurisprudence, or policy; business; or a social science or humanistic field as long as the applicant’s work engages the social and cultural implications of data-centric technologies and automation.

First-round applications are due January 15, 2018.

To find out about the length of the term, funding, how to submit your application, and any other information, click here.


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