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What Now? NYU Cinema Studies Student Conference

What now? A discomfiting question. It compels a revisiting of our pasts, a consideration of where we stand today, and an articulation of the directions in which we expect, or hope, to go.

As disciplinary boundaries become fluid, technology continues to change, and temporalities seem increasingly uncertain, it is essential to address the What Nows confronting our field today, and reconsider those from before.

What are the forgotten futures of the past? How is the now mediated (or not)? How is the future lived and preserved in the now? Can we think through, and ‘think-through-by- doing’ the futures of our fields? Could a more vibrant interdisciplinarity, connections between theory and practice, and a reach beyond academia have answers to offer?

The annual Cinema Studies Student Conference at New York University invites submissions from a range of disciplines to our conference, “What Now?,” February 23- 24, 2018. Besides paper submissions, archival projects are welcomed, as well as theory- driven film, art, and performance works. Topics may include but are not limited to those listed below.

What now?

  • Production, practice, and industry
  • Pasts, presents, and futures
  • Distribution, exhibition, and circulation
  • Activism, criticism, history, and politics
  • Archiving, preservation, and accessibility
  • Inter-, intra-, and transdisciplinarity
  • Expanding and contracting cinemas
  • Theory ⇆ Practice
  • Connections and ruptures
  • Constructions and ruins
  • The Anthropocene

Please submit an abstract (250-300 words) and CV to Our original submission deadline has been extended to January 7, 2018. If you are submitting a film, art, or performance work, please include documentation (stills, video, etc.) in addition to the abstract. Links preferred over files.

Participants will be notified by late January. Click here for more information.

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