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XReality Center Opening at The New School

We are pleased to share recent advancements to elevate and integrate Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and other related technologies into our teaching, learning, and research at The New School by announcing the opening of the XReality Center, a university-wide resource located in a new “garage space” at 71 Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor.

​The XRCenter, which features the latest AR, VR and 360 media technologies such as Blippar, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens and Nikon KeyMission among others, will facilitate learning, exploration, and hands-on experience.  A hub for ongoing research, projects, and pedagogic innovation, the “X” in the Center’s name represents the untapped possibilities for engaging and inspiring scholarship through immersive technology.

The XR Center grew out of conversations with faculty across the university who have been researching and incorporating AR/VR into their courses and projects in order to foster the creative and innovative ways these technologies will be used and expand the dialogue around education.

We have taken the lead in advancing this project with extensive input from faculty advisors who have contributed to launch the Center.​ ​As a next step, the XReality team will be surveying our faculty to get a fuller picture of how we are using XR technologies in New School courses and to better understand where we can bring more resources to bear.

We look forward to sharing more as this exciting work develops.  In the meantime, we encourage everyone to visit the XReality Center website to learn more about these capabilities, sign up for a guided tour, and get involved.

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