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Important Thesis Information for all Media Studies MA Students

The usual timeline for completing the thesis in the Media Studies MA program is 3 semesters.
  • You start with Thesis Proposal (1 credit) by preparing an abstract of your intended research subject and reaching out to a full-time faculty member to work with you with as your primary thesis advisor. The primary advisor will help you identify a second reader.
  • The following semester, after providing a complete and approved thesis proposal, you proceed to the Thesis Tutorial Lab (1 credit) which is a class that meets every other week wherein students work to complete and share their research/writing and production progress in a thesis first draft.
  • Lastly, you enroll in Thesis Supervision (1 credit) the third semester, corresponding with your advisors to complete the work. In certain cases where students are sufficiently advanced with research/writing/production after the thesis proposal semester, they may be allowed to register for Tutorial and Supervision simultaneously in the same semester.


Your primary advisor should be a full-time faculty member from the School of Media Studies unless an exception has been confirmed by the thesis coordinator.  Please work as much as possible with your primary advisor through each of the 1 -credit stages.  You may choose a member from our part-time faculty as your second reader.  Your second reader should briefly review your proposal and first draft produced during your tutorial semester.  If you have not yet identified a second reader, please work with your primary advisor to do so and provide this office with the information once they have confirmed.


In order to progress from Thesis Proposal to the Thesis Tutorial Lab: your completed proposal, digitally signed by your primary advisor and second reader (if possible) must be submitted by email to the thesis coordinator by the semester due date (unless you have been granted an extension).  Your proposal will be reviewed and you will be contacted to either confirm your approval to register for the Thesis Tutorial Lab (and supplied with the CRN to register) or asked to follow-up on any concerns cited with your proposal.


In order to progress from the Thesis Tutorial Lab to Thesis Supervision: your primary advisor and the thesis coordinator must approve your progress.  A passing grade in the Thesis Tutorial Lab serves as confirmation of this approval and you will be supplied with a CRN to register for Thesis Supervision.


**Note that registering for both Thesis Tutorial Lab and Thesis Supervision will most likely be a process of adding the credit to your semester registration since your semester work on the thesis must be at the appropriate completed stage which typically occurs after early registration (this would be your proposal if preparing for your Thesis Tutorial semester or your thesis in process if preparing for your Thesis Supervision semester).**


In order to complete the thesis your final work, prepared according to the guidelines in the thesis handbook, must be submitted to the thesis coordinator by the semester due date.  If you need an additional semester of Thesis Supervision please provide this information and confirmation from your primary thesis advisor and second reader to the thesis coordinator.  You will be supplied with the CRN to register for the additional semester.


  • Students only registering for any of the 1-Credit Thesis Courses in any given semester, will not eligible for financial aid (they need to be at 6 credits) and the registrar’s office will prompt them to complete the exit counseling form, which then alerts the loan center to start repayment of their loans.
  • Students registered for any of the 1-Credit Thesis Courses are eligible for equivalency credits, credits they register for to secure financial eligibility and/or for international students, visa eligibility. Once approved for any of the thesis components, the students can request permission to register for equivalency credits.
  • Students registering for the Spring semester, must complete their initial registration by January 10th, if not done by this date, he/she will be assessed a $150 late add fee.
  • Students registering for the Fall semester, must complete their initial registration by August 10th, if not done by this date, he/she will be assessed a $150 late add fee.


If you have any questions, please contact your primary advisor and the Thesis Coordinator, Associate Dean, Dawnja Burris (

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