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Open Campus Courses Now Open

Embrace your independent filmmaking spirit from conception to distribution with Open Campus this spring. Gain the skills you need to write, produce, and sell your work with confidence, while working among aspiring screenwriters, producers, and professionals in the industry. Courses begin as early as January 22nd. Save your spot today!


Intro to Writing for Screen
New York City Campus
Douglas Morse

This course explores the basic theory, form, art, and craft of writing for the screen—whether for a feature-length film screenplay, a film short, or a serialized television show. By examining popular screenwriting conventions and paradigms as well as rule-bending experiments in storytelling, students learn from both pillars of classic style as well as the cutting edge of the craft.


Digital Video Production
New York City Campus
Michele Beck

With digital cameras and computer editing, creating engaging, professional-quality moving images is within virtually everyone’s reach. Digital video is an exciting and powerful medium of expression, but knowing how to use the tools isn’t enough to enable you to create a coherent and articulate video project. This course can help artists in any genre create works that are both technically and conceptually sound. Students work toward this goal by learning digital video editing and using it to experience the power of editing as creative expression.


Selling Your Film
New York City Campus
Amotz Zakai

This course goes beyond the fundamentals of putting feature film ideas on paper, from the “hero’s journey” to the three-act structure, and teaches aspiring writers how to write a script that could actually be sold to a Hollywood studio, production company, or independent producer.



Open Campus Expo
Tuesday, December 19, 6:30 – 8:30pm
New York City Campus

Kick off spring by accessing a new kind of network at our Open Campus Expo. Immerse yourself in an experience of The New School’s unparalleled approach to continuing and professional education courses and programs. Start by joining us for free pop-up classes in writing, media, design thinking and art & design, as well as live music performances, one-on-one advising, networking, and more!


New Book by Media Studies Professor Lana Lin Explores the Psychic Impact of Living With Illness

Employing psychoanalytic theory and literary analysis, Lana Lin unpacks the experiences of three culturally significant figures — Sigmund Freud, poet Audre Lorde, and queer theorist Eve Kosofsky — and explores what it means to survive in such close proximity to death in her new book, Freud’s Jaw and Other Lost Objects.


Refinery29’s Laura Delarato Continues Her Studies With Open Campus

New School Media Studies alumni, author, and Refinery29 contributor Laura Delarato talks about her experience coming back to The New School, this time to take video production classes with Open Campus.


The New School
72 Fifth Ave, New York, NY, 10011

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