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Artist Paolo Cirio Seeks Studio Assistant for Productions of Socio-Critical Artworks

The candidate should be familiar with research based works, possibly with having experience in art productions, history, and media studies.

The assistant will work with artist/researcher Paolo Cirio on a series of visual and conceptual projects (web, prints, video, still-image, texts) that explore contemporary social systems affected by information systems. The research will be conducted though publications, news items and documentaries on specific subjects and investigations. The ideal candidate is a self-directed, highly-motivated, and persistent individual with a passion for digging. In addition, the candidate should be comfortable with a multi-media approach to the craft of journalism – understanding that sometimes an image or a video clip can say much more than a print story. The candidate may be expected to travel over the course of their research. The candidate should be comfortable with both online digital and offline installation based artworks, as well as with relations with the press.

Some of the daily tasks might include:
– Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign.
– Assembling visuals, texts, and data material for research on specific projects
– Organizing research, video production, and art installation productions independently
– Organizing travels and shipping, potentially to travel out to install pieces and conduct field research
– Exploring techniques and material for art installations
– Video and photo documentation of shows, works, and performances
– Social media and press relations
– Grant writing

Applicants must reside in NYC and be able to come into the studio (located in Lower East Side) 3-4 days a week. Hours are flexible. Pay is $15 an hour. Must be highly organized and attentive to detail.

Please send resume, social media profiles and any related materials to with short explanation of why you would be a good fit in any of the area listed.

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