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Fee waiver for International Film Festival!

Take the last chance to submit your inspiring film and documentary to this prestigious Woman Film Festival. Enter this code: WAIVERWOMAN2018 to get your deadline waiver in FilmFreeway. Valid until February 10, 2018.

The International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues, and Zero Discrimination will hold its glorious Awards Ceremony in early March 2018 to celebrate Women International Day (8 March) and Zero Discrimination Day (1 March). During these several days event, winning filmmakers will experience unique and pleasurable moments, while fostering a good relationship with fellow winning filmmakers. The festival will also pamper the filmmakers with screenings, workshops, and special guest appearances.


International Feature Films
Feature-length narratives with a minimum running time of 60 minutes.
International movies with various spoken language are welcomed but must be added with English subtitles.

International Short Films
Short narrative films with a run time of 59 minutes and below.

Documentary Feature
Documentaries over 60 minutes in length.

Documentary Short
Documentaries with a run time of 59 minutes and below.

We are welcoming newcomer in the movie industry. The film director must state that the movie is his or her third movie (or under) on his/her application.

Five categories package
A filmmaker can choose up to 5 subcategories.
All-in-one package
A filmmaker can choose up to 8 categories.

List of categories: director, producer, cinematographer, art director, costume designer, make-up and hair stylist, story, sound editor, music director, editor, screenplay, visual effect, visual effect editor, actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, couple performance, ensemble cast, newcomer performance, child performance, animation. Please e-mail us your selection to

Scriptwriting Contest (un-produced)
Open to all genre, both film, and documentary, from any length. All submission must be in English. Submission format: word or pdf.

Scriptwriting package
Scriptwriting contest with feedback, inputs, and critics from the judge.

This thematic festival is inviting you to make a better world through films and promote a life free from fear to be who they and we are. Everybody has the fundamental right to live with dignity.

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