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UCLA Film and Television Summer Institute


UCLA Film and Television Summer Institute

June 25th–August 17th, 2018

The Creative Producing track allows U.S. college students to study the role of the creative producer while pursuing internships with Hollywood companies. Students study the history of the Hollywood studio system and learn about the film and television development process. Students then apply those skills in their internships and establish important relationships with industry professionals. The Creative Producing track is the perfect combination of theory and practice and contributes to a liberal arts-based education.


Creative Producing students pursue internships in entertainment companies during the day. In the past summer institute students have interned at major studios and production companies. Students are responsible for applying for their internships, and our friendly internship coordinator advises and assists students throughout the process. However, because summer is a very competitive season for internships, early registration is required to ensure sufficient lead time for the application process.


This program carries up to 13 quarter units of UC credit. Students in this track are enrolled in the following classes:

• FTV 101A Symposium (1)

In this weekly seminar prominent guests from the industry share their experiences and answer student questions about their career and working in Hollywood today.

• FTV 183A Introduction to Producing (4)

This foundation course offers the basics in film and TV development, production and financing, and discusses current trends and issues in the contemporary entertainment industry.

• FTV 184A Overview of Contemporary Movie Industry (4)

This course is an examination of evolving economic structure and business practices in contemporary Hollywood movie industry, with an emphasis on operations of studios, their marketing and distribution systems, and their relationship to independent producers, talent, and agencies.

• FTV 195 Professional Internship (4)

Fieldwork, 140 hours. Students pursue a corporate internship in a supervised setting, at a business related to film and television industries.

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