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Deadline Waiver Code for the Prestigious International Movie Awards in FilmFreeway


Find below the deadline waiver code to enter the prestigious International Movie Awards in FilmFreeway. This is your last chance.
International Movie Awards  vision is to support and create platforms for filmmakers, movie stars, and talents to compete in their respective field. It also provides opportunities for the overall winner to get recognized in the region.
We focus on the details of every film. We are not only focusing on the overall of the movie but the brilliance of every aspect, every department, and every performance. Every brilliant art deserves an award.
Filmmakers can benefit from the various options of categories to enhance their specific performance/production, or grab the efficient package to enlarge the opportunity of winning.
During the Awards Ceremony, International Movie Awards will give awards for best film, platinum winners, and gold winners on the Awards Day. All accepted filmmakers are invited to attend the Awards Ceremony.
The festival will be featuring screenings, film-making workshops and special guest appearances by king and queens, winning filmmakers, mass media, celebrity, and notable guests.
You can submit your film through FilmFreeway by click the link below:
Then enter the code: ENTERIMA2018

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