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Last Weeks: ‘Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound’

Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound 
Though February 25, 2018

Don’t miss Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound, a multi-component exhibition featuring interactive installations, immersive environments, and performing objects that explore how the ephemeral and abstract nature of sound is made material. At a time when so much visual information is being dispatched, consumed, and digested, the auditory provides a compelling sensory experience that is capable of reorienting the body to consider spatial and interpersonal relationships anew.

Studio PSK: Polyphonic Playground
Part of Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound
Closing February 11, 2018

An interactive sound installation designed by Studio PSK, the structure combines the archetypal elements of the child’s playground—a slide, swings, and a climbing frame—with conductive materials and custom electronics to create a large-scale, body-activated MIDI controller.

Noordeman and Wright: Audiowear
Part of Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound
Closing February 11, 2018

A porcelain musical jewelry collection that showcases the acoustic quality of clay by replicating idiophone and aerophone instruments, Audiowear features Xylophone Bangles, a Guiro Cuff, a Diamond Rattle Bracelet, a Trumpet Bracelet, a 5 Whistle Necklace, and a Panflute Collar, made by designer and ceramist Christie Wright and designer Arjen Noordeman at the European Ceramic Work Center, in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, in 2010, to create a vocabulary of sounds to be used in musical production.


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